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I've had many friends ask for prints of original paintings or drawings and so I hope that these galleries will help us all out. Rather than take time away from the studio, I'll let imagekind help everyone out with sizing and frames. All of your support will go to resources needed for materials, transportation of work, time and other exhibition and printing costs. 
As I was telling a friend this morning, bringing the fairy world into real life requires a lot of hard labor. It seems to take many hours, brushstrokes, tubes, and late nights to call it forth. 

Currently there are images available here from a variety of projects. They may appear to be quite different, ranging from animalistic color to narrative tales in the finest pen and ink, but what they have in common is a meaningful evolution. I have no desire to create repetitive imagery, I'd rather understand how art unfolds naturally. It takes a lifetime.

The Fugitives' Astronomy Club: 

The fugitives are good folks. Seriously adaptable and itchy to the power structures. They have no idea how much they disrupt the world around them. Sometimes it is even for the better. 

I began drawing these little characters in pen and ink over the summer of 2012. As the collection grew I am now envisioning them in a book. I am going to begin with some handmade books as I play with the interaction of their stories. Later they will be submitted for publishing. New drawings are posted here:

Paintings and Drawings: 

More often than not I am engrossed with color, and there are many large paintings tucked away here in my little apartment. More of these can be seen at

The Deceptive Smiles of Bredmeyer Deed: 

 Susan Scutti is a great poet and novelist and is a veritable thread in the fabric of New York. She wrote the story The Deceptive Smiles of Bredmeyer Deed and sought someone to provide artwork. I painted often in response to the story, often creating full color oil paintings, or large drawing. The novel which relates the individual's relationship to systemic environments is available on Amazon

 Thank you for taking time to visit the galleries. I'm happy to receive any messages. 

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